Best In Class

LiFeP04 Cells

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells deliver optimal resilience, consistent performance and industry's highest safety standard.

Industry Leading


IONiX deploys the industry's foremost Battery Management System (BMS) backed by engineering expertise today powering some of the world's largest mobile telecommunications towers.

Unbeatable Warranty

12 Years

SmartWall packs 32 LiFeP04 cells in 4 modules engineered to world class precision in a reliable  architecture you can depend on for years.

Robust Durability

Built for Dependability – Experience the resilience of IONiX SmartWall, engineered with cutting-edge technology and high quality Lithium Iron Phosphate cells to support an uninterrupted life.

Extreme Heat Safety Testing

Battery cells tested to 130 degrees Celsius, so you can depend on IONiX in the most punishing conditions.

Safety Crush Test

Tested to 10KN without risk of fire or explosion, promising extreme dependability, safety and peace of mind.

LiFePO4 Puncture Testing

Full drill penetration testing of our cells demonstrates unsurpassed system resilience and safety.

Advanced Technology

Embrace innovation with IONiX SmartWall's state-of-the-art energy storage technology, delivering a smarter, safer, and more reliable power backup source for your home.

Intelligent BMS

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and unique, patented engineering lie beneath the IONiX Battery Management System.

Next-Gen Battery Management

Intelligent BMS ensures each cell operates within its optimal parameters, maximizing lifespan and efficiency.

Innovative Energy Optimization

Smart, programmable system adjusts energy charge, discharge and distribution within your home based on user preferences, grid power costs, environmental conditions and battery power levels.

Long Lasting Power

Lithium Iron Phosphate cells deliver an extended lifespan from your SmartWall investment, with 3000 deep cycles and a 12 year warranty.

Unparalleled Customer Support

With IONiX, support is never more than a moment away. Our expert team is available even 24/7 during declared emergencies, ensuring you have the assistance and peace of mind you deserve, anytime you need it.

World Class Assistance

Our support phone lines are open, our human live chat is at your fingertips and we are even here 24/7 during declared emergencies, providing you with near immediate help whenever you need it.

Expert Installation

IONiX Certified Installer partners assess your project and ensure your SmartWall setup is seamless and professionally completed to your full satisfaction.

Proactive System Monitoring

We keep a vigilant eye on your city’s weather forecast and work with you to ensure your system is at full readiness in the event of an emergency.

On-going Support

Our job doesn’t stop when IONiX is installed. We stay on top of your installation and unique setup to ensure the power always stays on in your home.

Create a life where blackouts are in check. Protect what matters most with IONiX.